Reading Stonehouse

For about a year I have been reading The Moutain Poems of Stonehouse translated by Red Pine. Stonehouse (1272-1352 CE) was a Zen master who spent the final period of his life in a hermitage he built on the southern slopes of Hsiamushan, near Huchou in Southern China. The Korean monk Taego Pou visited Stonehouse sometime around 1347 and became his Dharma heir, thus transmitting formally to Korea the lineage that is carried on at Furnace Mountain.

A sample of his verses (#27 in the red Pine collection):

Who enters this gate who studies this teaching
has to be thorough and push to the end
still the empty body and reason remains
forget the thinking mind and the world disappears
cloud-draped trees form a landscape of white
the summit turns red as it bites the setting sun
the flag moves or is it the wind
it isn’t the wind or the flag

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